Romit Roy Choudhury
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Computer Science (CS),
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Interest and Publications:

  • Wireless networking, Mobile Sensing, and Mobile Computing
  • Localization, Activity/Gesture Recognition, Wearables, IoT, Data Analytics, Drone Networks        
  • Visit SyNRG (Systems Networking Research Group) for more                                    

  • Teaching:

  • Fall 2016: ECE/CS 498: Smartphone Computing & Applications (M/W 3pm, 2015 ECEB)

  • News and Activities:

  • 2016: Look out for our MobiCom paper on drones and NSDI paper on vibrations
  • 2015 ACM Sigmobile Rockstar Award, 2015 IBM Faculty Research Award.
  • 2015: MoLe in MobiCom, Ripple in NSDI, InSight and Overlay in MobiSys
  • OverLay wins 2nd place at MobiCom15 SRC, best demo at HotMobile15 (see video)
  • 2013 Google Research Award, 2009 Hoffman K. Award, 2007 NSF Career Award
  • Contact:
  • Email:
  • Office: 263 CSL, Phone: 217-300-7577

  • Past:
  • Ph.D. from CS/UIUC in 2006
  • Assistant Professor at Duke, 2006
  • Visiting Researcher, Microsoft Research, '10
  • Associate Professor at Duke, 2011
  • Joined UIUC, Fall 2013 ... CV, Bio
  • Tidbits :

    Inspiring interview of Prof. Mahan Mitra, a monk and mathematician at the same time,
    and the winner of the 2015 InfoSys prize.

    Footnote, an interesting movie ... relevant to scientisits and researchers.

    Prospective PhD applicants: Please see this.