I am always looking for strong PhD candidates in CS and ECE, however, before you email me with queries about admission to UIUC or joining my research group, please read the following:

If you are applying to the Ph.D. program at UIUC and would like to know your chances of admission, my typical response is "Please apply". The admissions committee makes decisions based on the quality of the applicant pool each year. Given this, it is hard for me to make any meaningful judgement about your chances.

If you are emailing me with queries about joining my research group -- SyNRG -- I suggest that you look at the papers and the profiles of the students in our group. Feel free to contact the students if you have specific questions. Since I get many emails from prospective students, it is difficult for me to respond to them all. I am more likely to respond when you have already spoken to my students and they have referred you to me.

Best wishes.